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Jaywalking. Not.

To cross Michigan Ave there should be a better way than jaywalking on walking half a block and back.

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Michigan Central Station

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I work along Michigan Avenue. I frequently have to cross the street on foot. Traffic lights are far apart so walking to the next light is time consuming. Jaywalking is a bad idea that many people still resort to, which is even worse because of how wide the street is. I wonder if there is a better way.

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I live in Corktown. I agree with Mohammad. About once a week, my wife and I eat at Ima and then go to the Gaelic League. These two places are across the street from each other, within the same block and only 215 ft from door to door. This should be an easy and pleasant walk. Instead we have to either jaywalk across the street (which feels the easiest but is scary and illegal) or we have to walk a quarter mile in order to go to a legal intersection and then back.

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In NYC we have 25mph speed limit, which succeeded in getting fatalities to zero city-wide, for a while. If big, planted median and sidewalk margins were added... and you could diplomatically get it down to two lanes, with heavily marked crosswalks mid-block (only for a short distance) with clarity on who has right-of-way - you could turn it into a more pedestrian-friendly area - which Corktown SHOULD BE - since it's historic, recreational, etc.