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Interagency Emergency Response GPS Safe Shelter Alerts Improvement System

Interagency Emergency Response GPS Safe Shelter Alerts Improvement System For General Public Which Connects States, Family's, Shelters, Hosp

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Basically the improved emergency GPS alert system would connect all emergency responders, safe shelters, and civilians.  

Covering the following:

1. Ensure disabled civilians are priority

2. Create a database for elderly, disabled and special needs response needs.

3. Create a GPS interactive web tracking map of the city which dispalys user location and nearest safe shelter.

4. GPS provides directions to get to safe shelter.

5. Website has ability to notify family members.

6. Safe shelters have ability to notify family members.

7. Emergency GPS Safe Shelter Application is made available nationally.

8. Updates are shown on Freeways, Billboards, TV and Cell phones.

9 The Application created works bi directional.

10. Lives are saved.

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Hi Mackenzie Fankell, I apologize for not responding sooner. I've worked in the Health field for twenty years and realized most people have no idea what to do in an emergency. Where do you go to seek help? Where do you go for shelter. Is there a city plan that people know about?

Think about it realistically most disabled and elderly have no one are plan to be safe.

That's why I believe it's so important that we start real conversation and dialogue to improve emergency response by developing emergency sponsors to help with nursing homes, mentally ill, homeless.

Designate and list shelter locations, hospitals, churches, government building to use in an event.

The goal is to improve and ensure everyone has a clear understanding of where they can get help before it's needed. I'm a Computer Specialist by trade and believe we can improve on current 911 system for the country.

An a emergency, cells phone don't work how would you find shelter? Most have no idea, right. Which proves point for necessary improvements.

Some of the biggest problems are people new to city's, rural areas, elderly, homeless.

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