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I have ideas from transportation and shopping in the area. I also have a plan for servicing the autonomous/manned vehicles.

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Happy Sunday to you as well Boratha! Last time I was in Corktown was a few weeks back. I had a business partner in from out of town. We originally were headed downtown, but it was very busy. The parking was also up to 50 dollars. Instead we headed over to Cork Town and parked in front of the train station. From there we walked around from the brewery down to the baseball field and checked out some of the places on the way. That being said had there of been quick cost efficient way sitting there to head downtown we probably would have (I know about uber)(Also I would ad biking or scooters would not have been a option as my quest was older).
To me this area becomes very important not just to the city but the state as well. Being the host of both Ford (a global iconic brand) and having the title of motor city; puts more importance on having a great transportation system.(I think this challenge is a great step in the right direction). It is also my personal opinion that semi autonomous/fully autonomous is the future and should be the focus. Done correctly this area can be leveraged to bolster not just national, but international travel as well.
As a reference I have worked for the companies that handle the automotive supply chain portal, OEM and supplier ERP, PLM systems and OEM and supplier quality. One project I was product manager of I was going to use a facility around the corner of the train station. In this situation mobility absolutely became a issue (among others) as the project would scale from 25 to 180 people. I have since turned to technology to help manage those issues.

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Thanks for sharing alexander Wilson ! I was thankful enough to ride my bike around Corktown a couple of days ago, and locked it up on a tree. Amazing how many people/vehicles are seen on a weekday in the city. Just a helpful reminder that your ideas can absolutely expand through the Michigan Central Station zone into the surrounding areas. The mobility experiences you had going to downtown, sports venues, etc. are very valuable to us in contributing to great ideas!

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Happy Sunday alexander Wilson ! My name is Boratha, and I'm part of the facilitation team for City:One. I was wondering if you could tell me your experiences of transportation in the area? Was it hard for you to travel around to shopping destinations? What sorts of mobility did you use, etc.?