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The dangers of crossing the busy roads around Central Station.

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Michigan Central Station

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Whether its parking or just walking to my destination I feel like I am always crossing a high traffic road where the vehicles are flying (traveling fast). Thoughts have went through my mind that if I keep crossing this road everyday my chances of getting hit increase with every try. It creates so much anxiety that I actually get to my destination extremely early hoping that I can get a good parking spot (good=not crossing the road).

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Brian Nash Thank you for this post! I am a Michigan Central Station facilitator. You may have noticed that I tagged your name in Andrew Fons post. It is very valuable to hear about first-hand mobility issues that you have experienced.

In your opinion, where is it the most difficult to cross the street? When you are looking for parking, is it every day or only once in a while? I'd love to hear more about the parking locations that make it easy to navigate the city on foot and the locations that make it the hardest. Thanks again!

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I mostly cross Michigan Ave. Either at Rosa Parks, 14 st or further down near Trumbull or 8th. I try to cross at the crosswalk but I see many people crossing these roads in the middle of the street. They do this because the pedestrian cross sensors takes too long and people are waiting all the time. Also I see an increase of business people in the area that are on conference calls and with the mix a speeds up to 45 mph to 55 mph and people crossing the road it makes for a stressful experience. There are not really any parking places that make it easier to navigate the city on foot but I try to find a parking space in front of the store I am going to or at least on the same side of the road so I do not have to cross the road. More parking lots are need as they are hard to come by.

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Also seeing that I work for Ford if I get to work early so I can park my car next to my building. This way I do not have to park on the road or across the street.

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I also often wonder why we don't utilize/build underground parking here in the it because of our (failing) infrastructure? Underground parking would solve a lot of problems, if done correctly and safely!

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