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FORD can solve the cities transit problem.

To make the city more successful and profitable we absolutely have to lower the amount of personal vehicles!

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To make the city more successful and profitable we absolutely have to reduce the amount of vehicles required to get around by reducing the expensive vehicle ownership and increasing the cost effective quick public transportation of the future. FORD should bring about their autonomous technology, map out the city and create cyber stations all throughout the city where people can be picked up and dropped off(there is nothing wrong with walking a little, in fact it is healthy), then get their autonomous driving vehicles with a phone app to serve the city like Uber. If proper regulations exist, these robo cars can be mass produced, function well with one another through autonomous technology(All vehicle on the road should be able to to talk to each other and share information for safety reasons) and in turn reduce resident dependence on owning their own vehicle. Insurance, Maintenance, Gasoline cost's gone! And I keep saying, extend the QLine, put money in technology that already works! Run the rails from Royal Oak and Ferndale to Detroit, connect the cities, connect the people!

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Alex Richmond

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Hello Alex you are absolutely right. Our cities, our States, our county and our world must reduce harmful toxic emissions daily. Ford will do just that with their autonomous vehicles, but they are at least five years out and regulations for the vehicles are who knows how far out. I can't wait to ride what ever mobility vehicle Ford rolls out of Michigan Central Station. Meanwhile my solution is Electric Accessible Mobility Connectors. I believe that by using them to transport passengers daily we can avoid harmful emissions, help save our planet and get people to and from their destinations safely and securely. Thank you for caring about our planet.