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A couple of ideas and questions

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Michigan Central Station

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The Current problem is that motor city has the worst city roads in the US, which is truly weird because by fixing the streets traffic flow will be enhanced and travel time will become shorter. Another idea is to have public transportation routes based on public demands which could be based on public voting on a website to help larger groups of people working in the same area coming for close living places to be identified and serviced as mores jobs are becoming available throw out the city. This idea will allow more people to leave their cars at home and use public transportation more.  

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Mohamed Abdulsalam Thank you for posting! I am a Michigan Central Station Challenge facilitator. It sounds like you see the biggest challenges to mobility in Detroit are Road quality and public transportation convenience. What do you see as the most urgent issues that need to be addressed in public transportation currently?

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As I mentioned, most of the people don't use public transportation because they are inconvenient and that's why they are buying personal cars to bet past that if we can make public transportation appealing to the public then we will have less cars in the streets and less traffic to go from point A to point B so what I am suggesting will feed into that system. for Example I live about 15 mins away by car from where I work but if I wanted to take the bus it will take me 1.5 hours and have to walk about 1+ mils that's why I don't use public transportation. Also, having more buses running through out the day will make the time needed to reach my destination is significantly less.