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Drones 4 Girls

Use the atrium / lobby to teach Detroiters to build, code & fly a mini drone.

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If there's ever a time to fly a drone, it's now. UPS is using them to deliver packages. Farmers are using them to check acres of agricultural land. FEMA is using them to check for survivors trapped under rubble. All State Insurance is using them to file claims on homes under floodwater. Drones aren't going anywhere. Ford builds cars. Ford engineers could design drones. Detroiters could program & pilot them. It all starts with learning how to fly. 

There are 72 public schools in Detroit with a grade 4 or 5 classroom. Teach kids to love math, physics & English by learning to fly a drone. It's like cheese on broccoli. And when they are 16 years old, they can sit for the FAA's Part 107 Exam and begin to create a network of pilots that service the world's needs... from Detroit. has the curriculum, instructors and DJI Tellos to introduce 5,000 fifth graders, and their teachers, to mini drones in the 2019/20 school year. Partner with Drones 4 Girls by allowing series of classes held in the Michigan Central Train Stn atrium & lobby.

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Ingridium G Thank you for this idea! I am a Michigan Central Station Challenge facilitator. I'd love to know more about what issues you have seen in the area that could be addressed by this program. It sounds like this program helps encourage youth education as well as fill a current/future need for more drone pilots. Do you envision that there will be an increased need for drones in this area in the future? How will this improve mobility? Perhaps it could improve congestion as fewer goods and services will need auto transportation. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

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Thanks for the reply Mackenzie. Feel free to email or call for further discussion. I've attended two events hosted by Ford-- one at Michigan Central Train Station and one at Ford's warehouse conversion on Michigan Ave. Both my contact coordinates should be available through that attendance. Cheers!

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