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Design Competition | Bus Shelters

Leaving the Michigan Central Train Stn, I needed to get on a bus. The nearby stop was barely identifiable & it was raining. Design shelters.

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Michigan Central Station

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Ford seemingly has little to do with mass transit... other than buying a TRAIN STATION. How ironic. But riders often require mass transit to access that location. Improve access within the blast radius of that building by hosting a design competition open only to high school kids living in THE CITY OF DETROIT. Prizes could include (1) electric bike, (1) electric skateboard, (1) annual FAST bus pass, (1) annual SMART bus pass, (1) annual DDOT bus pass.

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When Michigan Central Station (MCS) opened on December 26, 1913, the new monument included a covered, curving platform, located adjacent to the East Entrance, where DEPOT LOOP streetcars terminated. The trolleys continued shuttling between MCS and downtown Detroit until October 1938, when they were replaced by buses.
The DEPOT LOOP was the first streetcar line to be abandoned by Detroit's Department of Street Railways (DSR).
The triangular parcel which had served as the MCS streetcar terminal was paved-over (they put up a parking lot). Today, old rails are poking through crumbling asphalt.
I hope this area will again be made available for mass transit and / or rapid transit, via M-1 RAIL - style local streetcars, local buses, and / or Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), arriving and departing from nearby, long-trackless MCS Track 1.
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