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What if the train cars where more accessible for those that have difficulty augmenting. But could still drive a motorized chair/seat

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Michigan Central Station

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I can ride a trycicle and have slowed motor skills in my arms. However my mild is still very sharp. On my travels people like myself or with further troubles. Would get driven in a big vehicle just to bring a motorized wheelchair or other devices. Why not making a type of wheelchair they can drive right to the front like a scooter. But better, with more health considerations and a roof so they can have more freedom when still full of total clarity of mind.

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Hi Robert, thank you for posting! I am a Michigan Central Station facilitator. I am very interested in hearing more about this idea! I know that motor vehicle adaptations for people for physical needs can be very expensive. I think a more affordable and practical approach to transportation of wheelchairs could serve a lot of people! What features would be most important to include in this type of vehicle? When do you think you and others would use it the most?

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I would have to say the electric motors/cycling transmission would be one of its best features. Then it would have a swiveling chair that helps the person get in. I would have it built with wing doors. And a very simple yet comprehensive dashboard. With audio mute, LED lights, and heating cooling selection. Turn signals would be activate at the steering console as well as swift brakes. So almost all driving control would be from the arms and hand controls. Unless a legs controlled version was required. Feel free to ask me anything if you still need more info.

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It sounds like you have a very detailed idea in mind for the vehicle! Have you ever created a sketch? Also, it sounds like one of the main issues is that people who have motorized wheel chairs (or other forms of technology that they rely on) have trouble transporting this technology where ever they go. What other solutions do you think are possible to make transportation easier for these people?

Also, have you talked to Ray Smith ? I think that you are both passionate about the same issue! It would be great to see you collaborate!

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Redesign one of sections of a train to be 100% RCU, and handicap complying. I've been to many pleces and often the door rams hit the sides of the rollader i use. I do have a sketch and would make it better if my tablet was fixed. But my Neorological makes me a less artistic man by hand. But with DeltaCad, DataCad, or CadKey, it be clear. I will get in contact with him and thank you. Come October 23 or so I'll finally be helped by a Disabled status/ income. I will get my tablet fixed or a new AIO and get a sketch available

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As i was rethink possibility of designs, I thought what if ford was to let me use/team with me with the Ford GT40 design. And scale it down and use features in it so not only did it have a amazing look. And ontop of that could fully be used, and enjoying. I know is their was a fully functional transportation, that was that design with some adjustments. I would definitely be buying it. Isn't the purpose of a car to make use feel invigorated when heading somewhere? If i get a ticket for doing so how was that truly thought through. I'm sure you've watched 100's of car advertising in life. What if FORD and the partners truly made you have that feeling? Then i would drive again!

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