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Corktown Roads

Create a horse and carriage service for people in the community to travel through Corktown Roads

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Michigan Central Station

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We can take old folks to the grocery store and let them ride til they can't no mo....

or We could take our kids to a Motown show and let them learnnnnn til their BRAINS GET SORE!!!

Reintroducing a simple service will not only teach our children the basics of automotive but it gives riders a more intimate view of our city. This could be a way to get the elderly outside of their homes and in the community or from the local groceries store to their homes. This basic form of transportation not only speaks to the continued creativity of Motown but it also helps enrich the deep history of that area.

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Hi Korey Batey  Thanks for continuing to post! I know that the problem of people, especially seniors, getting to and from places like the grocery store or medical appointments came up as a big issue during the community working session! And people agreed that one important way to stay health was to remain active and get outside! What other issues do you see in transportation for this population?

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