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Bike lanes

Bike Lane Widths.

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Michigan Central Station

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While trying to take advantage of the protected bike lanes newly implemented in my area(Morningside), they are too wide and cars park in them! Sometimes even cop cars. I think more education about bike lanes and why they are important for interconnected cities and transportation and mobility.

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Christie D 

Hello My name is Korey Batey and I am apart of the Joe Louis Advisory Council for the City of Detroit. As a resident and a biker I too sure your concerns about that issue. The city of Detroit is currently developing a 31.5 mile Joe Louis Greenway a planned biking and walking trail that extends from the Detroit Riverfront to Highland Park, Dearborn, and Hamtramck. It also includes connectors along Livernois and McNichols. The Joe Louis Greenway will include the Dequindre Cut and portions of the Detroit RiverWalk, as well as portions of the planned Iron Belle Trail and May Creek Greenway.

When completed, it will provide a place for people of all abilities to safely walk, bike, and run while connecting neighborhoods, parks, schools, jobs, historic sites, commercial corridors and public transit.

I would definitely bring this issue up to the planning department so that this hazard could be addressed and prevented in any future development of bike lanes.

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Christie D  Thank you for your post! I am a Michigan Central Station Challenge facilitator. And thank you Korey Batey for the valuable information. Can you tell me a little bit more about the bike lane situation? How often do you see them being misused? How do you typically use the bike lanes? For commuting? For exercise? I'd love to hear more about your experience and the issues that you have seen.