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Alley Activation Project

In my community on the west side of Detroit, we are working to transform our residential alleyway into an internal neighborhood greenway.

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Mackenzie Fankell 
I look forward to attending the next community working sessions to share my experiences and challenges working in my community. Currently in our neighborhood, there are no designated bike lanes for residents to commute throughout our community, however, there are several major developments currently happening that will address this issue. Many residents that walk have already begun to create shortcuts in our community using vacant lots and the alley to travel about in areas where there is poor lighting or no sideways available. The number of homes that are also left open causes a huge concern for females, Elderly and children walkers in our community.

The biggest obstacle to the health and wellness of the neighborhood is the current conditions of the homes. Due to the amount of overgrowth, trash, and illegal dumping in our alleyways many homeowners experienced longer power outage times, radiants issues, and flooding which later creates mold. This problem is amplified when the number of vacant homes in the community increase and no dollars is available to demo the properties or make improvements.

We are also piloting a timesharing platform called YING SKILL SHARING which allows us to assist our neighbors with skills and labor at no cost. This platform collects information from each resident of the skills they are willing to donate to our community as well as the services they would request from our community.

We utilize this information to connect neighbors with each other based on skills and needs to create long-lasting business relationships amougst those who live in our community. Increasing civic engagement and promoting entrepreneurship is what would allow are residents a healthier and more comfortable life here in the city of Detroit.

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Korey Batey This is all really good information. Thank you! Please invite anyone else who is interested to the community working sessions! The more feedback the better!

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Maybe the ad-hoc trails people make are natural transportation routes in your community. I think a time honored approach to such routes is to improve them, making them easier and more enjoyable to travel as well as opening them to new modes of transportation like wheel chairs and walkers.

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