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When I visit Detroit I never like to drive downtown, because parking cost a fortune and parking in restricted spots will get your car towed

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Michigan Central Station

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Driving in the metro Detroit area is often congested so my idea to make it easier and more affordable for passengers to navigate the congested streets around Michigan Central Station is Ride-sharing 2.0 Mobility Connector shuttles that are street legal, pedestrian friendly and only go up to 25 miles per hour. There are a host of activities and events in Corktown Detroit and the surrounding Metro Areas, but parking is so expensive and you risk getting your vehicle towed if you don't feed the meter or park in front of someone's business or home. Parking garages are expensive, few and far in between. Mobility Connector shuttles can take you around the Michigan Central Station to all your destinations regardless if you need a ride to the bus stop, to work, you're in town for business or on vacation Ride-sharing 2.0 Mobility Connector can take you to your location. If you're going to catch the train, DDOT, or SMART you can now use a single pass the DART. Well, Ride-sharing 2.0 Mobility Connectors will except unused Dart passes as payment for your Ride-sharing 2.0 Mobility Connector experience. 

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Using one pass to access all forms of mobility available in Detroit

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If i may, my question about the vehicle only going 25mph still wasn't answered. I'm pretty sure law Enforcement would only let a vehicle that travels a max of 25 mph to be limited to specific areas of operations. I'll check with the law enforcement if needed. Here is NJ Law on (LSV)

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Hi Robert, the shuttles will not be used in areas where the speed limit will be in violation of the law. Thank you.

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Ok so residential and low state speed areas of 25mph. Thanks for confirming it's limitations. Best of continued success in your challenge.

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