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A tour around the city

Seeing the highlights of the city, missing a quick and easy way to get around...Parking was inconvenient...

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Michigan Central Station

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A friend was visiting from out of town and I wanted to show him around the highlights of the city. We swung by the Michigan Central Station, stopped to get a bite to eat at Slows BBQ, drove through the station on our way to Southwest and to see the murals and graffiti that covered an alley street nearby. We were constantly getting in and out of the car, parking at random spots. Would love a quick trolley or mini-bus system that ran on small circuits that made local transit quick and efficient within various neighborhoods. There could be connections to other neighborhoods as well, but a simple way of exploring the city for locals and visitor alike.  

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Hi Ebrahim, thank you for your post! I am a Michigan Central Station Challenge facilitator. I can definitely relate to your frustrations about getting around the city! Who would be the main users of this transportation circuit? How do you think that this idea would alleviate some daily/weekly transportation struggles for different types of users?

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A mini -bus system that targets local commuters and visitors, with smaller routes that are more frequent and dependable. Helps people get between the Detroit neighborhoods in which they work, live and play in.

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Thank you for your reply! What are some additional details that you can thing of that would be important for a mini bus system? 5 years into the future when this bus system is implemented, what aspects of the system do you think locals and visitors will rave about? What other issues in Detroit could this system help to resolve?