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A Guru for Michigan Central Station

Virtual assistant to mobilize us in the most sustainable and safe way to or from Michigan Central Station

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Hi Wilber! Thank you for your post! I am a Michigan Central Station Challenge facilitator. I'd love to hear more about this idea of the virtual assistant. How would the virtual assistant help citizens to get from point A to point B? Who do you think would benefit the most from this assistant?

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Hi, Mackenzie! The assistant has to be trained about how to go and return to te Michigan Central Station, including the different modes of transport guaranteed in the area. Essentially, a voice and chat assistant can greatly facilitate the interaction of blind people, although all can benefit, as the assistant will update the information on the different options to move. In fact, it is possible to make several types of personal assistants based on the profiles of greatest need.

Photo of Mackenzie Fankell

Wilber Hernández thank you for the reply. It sounds like your talking about a way for people to easily navigate different forms of transportation to get where they need to go as easily and as quickly as possible. I am curious, have you seen a lot of community members in the Michigan Central Station area that have a hard time navigating different methods of transportation? What about citizens with special needs such as the blind? I would love to hear more about what you have observed!

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