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24 hour a day/ 7 day a week every 12 to 30 minutes maximum full SMART bus service as described with costs,

I worked with SMART officials to help fill the Livonia buses in 2003 resulting in the 285 line buses being nearly full during rush hours.

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When I saw that the bus system needed help, I decided to ride the bus to work to help at the fare box. I went to many meetings and worked to help planners at SEMCOG remove cars from the roads. I want to see 24/7 bus service to the downtown because I think that having cars on the roads late at night is too dangerous if there is no frequent bus service. I know that buses make Detroit much safer with more people around instead of only on the freeways driving to big parking lots. I think that a city with all parking lots is ugly and think there should be more parks and think if people don't drive everywhere that it will help the city of Detroit get more tourists and will help both SMART and DDOT. I would like to see everyone help these two bus systems by learning the schedules and teaching the children how to use the buses and help fill them all up.  That is the purpose of my website and why I'm against the freeway expansions without getting our State leaders to help out the transit advocates. I do not think our friends who support improving mass transit can do this without both strong government and industry leadership. I would like to see more work shuttle buses and if my plan gets attention, you will see how work shuttle buses can connect into the frequent bus lines I propose. I purposely connected all the end points to maximize ridership because making this plan work will require a very high ridership. This is because not everyone lives on these lines, thus won't benefit much from them, thus more needs to come from the riders, if the voters and leaders are to take this plan seriously. Also, this plan adapts to the plans of everyone by making the best use of limited resources.   

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Kaity Nicastri Ebrahim Varachia Jeffrey Herbstman David Silver Kasey Chockalingam Sherwyn Davis  What do you think of this idea?

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It's a start - but access to purchasing the fare cards needs to be as simple as grabbing a beverage at the party store. If we have parking lots, that's fine but they really are not green and capture a lot of fumes without outputting anything positive in the environment. All parking lots should use solar-powered lighting, trees planted on the roof and around it, plenty of natural light, and have dozens of spots for electric car parking/charging (with a meter like for parking, not those stupid things that you have to join their club and pay a monthly fee for, and then be a member of multiple clubs to park in different lots).

I really like shuttles to get to the nearest bus line, one of the main reasons commuters from outside the city won't use the bus is because it doesn't run to their neighborhood.

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Hi Kaity, later this summer SMART & DDOT are going to release a mobile app so you can buy their new DART passes & use them with your phone. DART passes are good on both systems and have the following rates: $2 (4 hrs) $0.50 reduced. $5 (24 hrs) $2 reduced. $22 (7 day) $10 reduced. $70 (31 day) $29 reduced. Reduced fares are for children 6-18, seniors and those with disabilities with proper ID. I believe that will help a lot. I think one of the biggest reasons people don't ride the bus is unfamiliarity with the system. Better promotion & education could help that. There are plenty of park and ride locations in the suburbs but as Harold says, they don't often run late or frequent enough.

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I think this could also be linked to one of the major ride-share apps like UBER or LYFT. The stops would dynamically located (no trunding to the bus stop), and you could see where your bus is on the app, so know when it would arrive).

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Harold Leese Thank you for posting! I am a Michigan Central Station Challenge facilitator. You mention a lot of interesting ideas that could work together to make Detroit greener and safer. In your opinion, what is the most important place to start when implementing this idea? Have you thought about how to incorporate the community around Michigan Central Station? I look forward to hearing more!