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Suspended Monorail

This proposal would look at the cost and feasibility of bringing a suspended monorail system to the City of Austin.

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The suspened monorial solves the issue of mass transiit in a unique and beautiful way. The tight turning radiuses of the suspended system will help train cars navigate winding neighborhoods and tight downtown spaces and will do it at a fraction of the cost of a subway. The views from the elevated suspended monorail will showcase our city and encourage ridership. 

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Any Austinite could and would use this system of transportation as it is fuel efficient and beats the current traffic by passing over it.

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Initial Design - you are still exploring the idea and have not tested it with users

Insights from previous testing (500 characters)

The Wuppertal in Germany is an iconic landmark of the city.

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

Greg Aranda, Architect is sole proprietor architecture firm specializing in large and complex projects.

Size of your team or organization

  • I am submitting as an individual

Funding Request

  • $100,000

Rough budget (500 characters)

The $100,000 would go towards schematic design, master planning, phasing, feasibility and cost analysis studies.

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

During the pilot phase existing suspended monorail systems would researched, routes could be master planned, construction phasing could be looked into, and cost per mile calculated.

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

The success of the project would be to ultimately provide a beautiful, cost effective, and energy efficient solution to mass transportation in Austin with the end goal to overseeing the construction of the project.

Sustainability Plan (500 characters)

The suspended monorail system utilizes electric motors meaning they are efficient, reliable, and produce no pollution. The Wuppertal is over 100 years old and still in use today.


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