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Have you ever missed a bus,cab, or simply a ride? well help is on the way. MISS A RIDE is here to insure you a back up ride.

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Hey there fellow in need of transportation family. Miss a ride is here to help. We are here to make sure you get to your destination safe and sound in a fast timely matter. We are here in case your ride is running late and your not sure if you will get to your destination on time. Miss a ride will be your friend in those last minute situations. We are here to help.  

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Everyone can use this service. people run late all the time. we are only human. sometimes things just come up and you just might miss your ride.

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shark tank, qvc, commercials, social media, celebrities,news,word of mouth,advertisement,new paper,emails,telephone, fliers,Mayer,governor,city counsel.

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I would measure the engagement and traffic to the targeted idea and gather the data to apply to the success.

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This concept is great