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Make parking stress-free and zero cost to car users as they host someone while at work and at the same time, get to park on someone else's.

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Hupaka is solving the existing problems of insufficient car parking in metropolitan areas around the world. Car users have no access to dedicated parking Apps and existing traditional parking companies charge exorbitant fees.

The lack of parking Apps leads to stressful experiences finding where to park especially when looking for a specific destination such as restaurant, work, friend's place or to run an errand at the municipal office. According to research by Ford Motors, drivers spend on average 96 hours a year looking for where to park. This is approximately 15 minutes a day. We seek to leverage unused parking lots to generate additional income for their owners. By so doing, cars parked on our streets today will be moved to safer, roofed carports allowing for better use of our urban spaces. With the Hupaka App drivers can anticipate their search in order to save time and avoid unnecessary risks.

The app allows to optimize the use of parking lots, letting spaces that are generally unoccupied to be used by drivers who are looking for parking. We also fight the misuse of urban spaces and avoid CO2 from the construction market that build mass parking lots currently estimated at 39%.

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

We will focus first on customers in big metropolitan areas where majority of car users are. The carports we are leveraging are those in the high rise building of these dense cities. Second, we will focus on the parking lots that are available for period of one month or more in order to gain traction and build confidence in residents of these buildings. Feedback on these initial users will help us adjust and roll out requests for shorter periods.

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Pilot - you have implemented your solution in a real-world scenario

Insights from previous testing (500 characters)

Today, drivers spend on average 96 hours a year or 15 minutes a day looking for where to park . The people who register their spaces benefit economically while those who use the parking lots enjoy reduced prices. Drivers know in advance where they will park and can see photos of the entrance to the premises and photos that help identify the particular parking lot.

Tell us about your team or organization (500 characters)

Mustapha Azungah - CEO Claudio Santana - COO Vanessa Pérez - Chief counsel. Our current team is the best because we are a mix of professional and personal relations. 2 co-founders have been very close friends since 2012 from university and the third co-founder and chief counsel is a very close personal relationship with the first 2 from over 2 years now. We come from different backgrounds (Medicine, Engineering and Law). This make us unique in how we think, see the world and approach issues

Size of your team or organization

  • 2-10

Team or Organization URL

Funding Request

  • $100,000

Rough budget (500 characters)

Operating costs: 75.5 % human resourses costs: 23.6% Administration costs: 0.9%

Describe how you would pilot your idea (1000 characters)

We will spend the grant on making our App more robust, more scalable, and more user friendly to meet our market expectations and obtain 5-star rating by 95% of users. We will spend the rest of the grant on marketing and publicity activities to expand the Hupaka brand to all those who need our service. We plan to use user referral (network marketing) techniques that permit existing users to invite family and friends and obtain discounts. In-App promotions to engage users and and digital marketing in Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. We looking for Access to international partners (e.g., accelerators, softlanding programs, etc), Awareness and credibility (e.g., association with a recognized program, press/media exposure)

Describe how you would measure the success of your pilot (1000 characters)

KPIs, our results are the following: 200 Users approximately, 7% retention after 5th week. 30 paying customers with LTV each of $400. Daily active users growth of 18% in the last 30 days. MoM growth of 12%.

Sustainability Plan (500 characters)

Hupaka makes money by charging fees per transaction looking for a win-win-win. Our App has predetermined tariffs and we charge a % for each closed/successful transaction. We have 3 revenue streams: revenue per hour, revenue per day and revenue per month. This model is simple and easily replicable and scalable. We only need to adjust the application to meet the legal requirements of other operating countries.

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