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Fuelmatics Hands Free Fueling System for Cars

Fuelmatics Fuels cars via Robotics and Mobile App allowing for safe, clean, green, fast and convenient fueling without human labor.

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TRUE HANDS-FREE AUTOMATION Fuelmatics true automation is a fully hands-free modern service far away from what today is called an ” automatic station”. While they simply let you pay manually in an “automatic” cash machine and refuel with a pistol grip, true hands-free automation only ask you to park reasonably close to the unit and click a few times on your smartphone. Done. The car is refueled, payment made, receipt is mailed. No getting out, opening window or manual labour. Doesn’t matter what weather it is. As soon as you’ve tried this, as soon you will have adopted it. DRIVE-THRU Fuelmatics builds on a drive-thru procedure that offers a premium service. When was the last time you got service at a gas station? Except from being faster, cleaner and more convenient, it’s a real advantage when it’s bad weather or unpleasant temperatures. You don’t have to inhale the vapors or risk getting dirty either. A Drive-Thru solution also provides also provides a full service experince.

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UL and CARB field trial at public gas station in JFK Airport

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Introduce Automatic hands Free Fueling to over 1000 cars to refuel via mobile app and robotic hands free fueling , allow CARB and UL to inspect facility during the trial period to receive fuel certification by UL and CARB.

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100 % safe transfer of fuel to tank of vehicle without spills, damage to vehicle in time frame of less than Three minutes in total from stopping fueling, Mobile payment. Allowing Self Driving Cars to utilize Fuelmatics Hands Free Fueling Dispenser in limited trial with retail manually driven cars.

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We plan on Fee per gallon used and option for flat fee per month once 25,000 gallons are sold allowing the station to benefit from excess fuel sales and use funds for marketing and installation of more Fuelmatics Hands Free Fueling system for Self Driving Cars

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Pitch Deck Fuelmatics Hands Free Fueling System for 1.1 Billion Cars , providing fast , clean, earth friendly and convenient. Utilizing Robotics and Mobile App to fuel your car without Hands.

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