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Fast and life-saving medical delivery Worldwide with autonomous Wingcopter eVTOL drones where access and time are critical factors.

Wingcopter exists to save and improve lives through creative logistics solutions utilizing patented new innovations in UAS drone technology.

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Wingcopter is an award-winning German tech company based in Darmstadt, focusing on the development, production, and distribution of highly efficient industrial UAVs. The UAVs fly electrically and can vertically take off and land (eVTOLs), but fly long distances horizontally. They are designed as multifunctional platforms to attach payloads for a wide range of aerial applications and services.

The company/product name “Wingcopter“epitomizes the combination of a fixed-wing and multicopter.

Patented Technology...
The core innovation of the Wingcopter is based on the patented tilting rotors. For a vertical take-off in the smallest space, all rotors are positioned upwards,
just like on a helicopter. After take-off, all four rotors tilt 90 degrees, transforming the drone into a fixed-wing aircraft. This allows it to fly 10x further than in copter mode. save lives!
Thanks to the efficient Wingcopter, we have already transported vaccines, medicines and laboratory samples over several thousand kilometers out of sight (BVLOS)fast & reliable from A to B in different countries worldwide.

Autonomous & Multifunctional

The Wingcopter does the tasks by itself and only has to receive a pre-programmed flight plan uploaded in advance. Due to the large payload capacity, it can load any goods or sensors and thus serve many vertical applications.

Fast & Efficient

The Wingcopter holds the Guinness World Record with a top speed of 240 km/h or can fly up to 120 km with one battery load and remain in the air for more than two hours.

Light & Robust

The Wingcopter weighs only 6.5kg empty and can still transport up to 6kg payload and 5kg batteries. Built from fiberglass and carbon fiber, the Wingcopter is aerodynamic and extremely robust at the same time.

Compact & Modular

The Wingcopter can be disassembled into a few parts and placed in a compact box. The assembly and disassembly requires no longer than 5 minutes.

Bad Weather Resistant

Even in heavy rain and winds up to 70 km/h theWingcopter flies reliably and stable through the air.


An unlimited number of destinations can be reached in a certain radius, such as hospitals. This saves money, time and makes instant deliveries on urgent demand possible. Even in the most remote regions of the world.

Describe your solution's stage of development

  • Ready to Scale - you have completed and expanded your pilot and are seeing adoption of your solution by your intended user

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We are constantly improving our UAS logistics strategy and components based on project learnings and customer feedback. We are currently in final negotiations with the largest logistics companies in the World to integrate our solution into their existing infrastructure and this partnership will greatly accelerate our progress and learning.

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Wingcopter is a company with ~40 employees with extensive experience and expertise in startups, accelerated company growth, aviation, aeronautical engineering, aircraft development & build, logistics, hardware & software development, aviation safety systems, UAS, UAV, eVTOL, BVLOS, etc.

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  • No funding is required

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Infrastructure development and logistics collaboration.

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To be determined. Not enough information about the problem to be addressed. Perhaps unique to our solution, we have logistics partners in the USA that represent the largest in the World and which are currently active in the Austin area, as well as nationally.

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Meeting the stated goals of the project, TBD

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Very good plan to use this for good. How would you provent it from being used for illegal action. Are the paths accessable by police. Or could i just buy one and ship anything i want in the package? How do you safeguard your product?