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Electric Hybridization of Internal Combustion Vehicles & New Urban Car-Sharing Concept

A project of electric hybridization of vehicles with traditional explosion engine based on a KIT that includes "flat" type electric motors

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Motordisc is a twofold Project:

1.A project of electric hybridization of vehicles with traditional explosion engine based on a KIT that includes "flat" type electric motors placed on the brake calipers that allows (i) the electric traction of the vehicle and (ii) the use of braking for the generation of electricity (due to the utilization of inverter type electric motors).

2.A new urban car-sharing concept with vehicles of small size and weight, as an alternative to current car sharing and moto sharing companies.

The electric traction/regenerative braking system provides a clearly innovative component that consists of placing said electric motors in the brake calipers of each wheel. Thanks to this innovation, this system is much less complex from the technical and installation point of view, than other similar projects that are being carried out.

It has been granted the Spanish patent ES2597203; it is also in an advanced phase of approval for the Europe, United States and China patents (reference international patent WO 2017/009512 A1).

Describe who will use your solution (1,000 characters)

Individuals Renting & Leasing Fleets Professional small and medium size transportation Professional services

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  • Initial Design - you are still exploring the idea and have not tested it with users

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  • 2-10

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  • $100,000

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Feasibility study + Proof of Concept

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- Sales of the Kit - Implementation of a new urban carsharing concept

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Yes. Both, the Kit and the new urban carsharing concept, can be implemented in many large cities worldwide

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Hey, I'm a facilitator here with the Challenge. This is a very unique idea Justo! Thank you for sharing.

Keep the submissions coming as the challenge continues, we would love to keep hearing from you!

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Photo of Robert P Tweed

Will these kits encourage drivers to drive the speed limit? Or to still blatantly ignore the rules of each states MVC? I know the system /kits itself is useful. Just wondering if say i where to test it. What is the max speed limit of Auston in the areas looked at?