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Thanks to all who took part in the City:One Austin Challenge. To keep in touch with the winning pilot projects progress please follow events on Twitter.

Meet our Winners:  

Good Apple

Award: $75,000

For many East Austin residents, reliable access to nutritious food remains a significant health challenge. Due to physical and environmental barriers and time constraints, accessing community resources, like grocery stores and food pantries is difficult. Good Apple aims to provide East Austin families with reliable access to healthy groceries. By delivering food directly to families’ homes, Good Apple creates a reliable, healthy service that also gives valuable time back to working families.


Tappy Guide

Award:  $75,000

Tappy Guide provides the need for on-demand reliable service for Austin residents with a disability. Tappy Guide identifies the First Mile / Last Mile mobility gaps and provides a solution to help those in need of guidance. The advantage that Tappy Guide has over other wayfinding applications is we rely on the human element by using live advisors providing our users the comfort of interacting with our advisors to truly understand their surroundings and accessible needs. We also service multiple disabilities; blind, deaf, and physical impairments. Other apps only focus on one disability.


In addition, the Transit Empowerment Fund has offered $50k to:


Equidad Express

Equidad Express is a collaboration of over 15 service providers bringing holistic services to Eastern Crescent residents on a regularly scheduled basis. Through this mobile ecosystem, providers disrupt resource deserts by coordinating their mobile services to offer: health resources, e.g., pediatric, primary and mental health care; grocery, e.g., produce, proteins, and personal products; and education, e.g., library services, financial literacy, and workforce development. To be clear, Equidad Express is not a replacement for brick and mortar, but rather serves as culturally dynamic support for historically undeserved communities populated primarily by Latinx, Black and low-income individuals and families.



SendaRide allows a user (hospital, case worker, charity, individual) to book a ride now or in the future using either our proprietary HIPAA-compliant technology, our app or our 1-800 number. Rides are customized to meet the needs of the rider (i.e., bilingual driver, can accommodate a folding wheelchair, can accommodate two car seats) and is provided through our fleet of highly vetted and trained Care Partners (drivers). Our concierge service is door-to-door, helping those who need a little extra assistance into and out of their destinations. For those individuals that don’t need a ride, but need something picked up (i.e. groceries or prescriptions), SendaRide offers courier services.

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