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Why can't we just build a freeway with on and off ramps, overpasses, etc?

Why don't we have real freeways? Why are there roads like 2222, 620, etc that all have stop lights? Why can't we just build freeways.

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I drive 13mi to work but it takes me 25 mins without traffic because I am forced to sit at stop lights on 620. With traffic it's 1hr. I see at least two accidents every week on roads like 620. People incorrectly cutting into a lane on a red light, cutting off traffic that is going 60 mph. People slam on the breaks to avoid running red lights. Others speed up through them. This city is a mess and desperately needs real highways and freeways with real on and off ramps. Austin has been cutting corners for a long time now when it comes to our roads and highways. Can't we just fix all that and do what virtually every other city and state has already done?


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