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Vans to Medical Appointments

Easy access to medical appointments could improve healthy living. Provide low-cost vans with grants or subsidies from medical facilities.

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I would like to see low-cost vans to medical appointments. When people are elderly or have an illness or a disability, it is difficult to drive to the doctor. Waiting in the sun for the bus followed by a long ride can be exhausting, and many people cannot afford a taxi. If people have a medical procedure done at the doctor's office, they may be too tired to drive. The Community Care medical facility had a pilot program for low-cost or free rides for lower income people. Maybe that program could be expanded to more places and more people. The medical facilities or grants should help with funding. Eye doctors and dentists should be included.

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Hi Susan: I am one of the City:One Challenge facilitators.

Thank you so much for highlighting this important transportation issue. As part of the Explore phase of this challenge it is very important we open these conversations. Can you speak more to the challenges facing those travelling to and from doctor appointments? Have you had any personal experiences with this issue?

Thank you for contributing!