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Using behavioral telehealth to overcome patient mobility challenges, reducing need for 911, police, fire and ambulance crisis calls

Cloud 9’s telehealth platform connects patients to mental healthcare, first responders & other care team members with communications & data

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Cloud 9 keeps citizens in need connected to mental healthcare, diverting away from the revolving doors of emergency rooms, jails and courts. This relieves the burden from our first responders, while reducing societal problems including homelessness. We’ve proven how to care for those in need, reducing ER and jail transports, while avoiding massive wasteful spending, at no net cost to the community. Since shutting down our nation’s mental institutions, ERs, jails, courts and homeless shelters have become the dumping grounds for mental illness / substance use. After release, people keep coming back in a revolving door of non-treatment & readmission that is wasting approximately $117 Million annually for Austin / Travis County. Our team of healthcare, technology, public policy, & public safety experts developed the Cloud 9 Telehealth Platform to connect the siloed agencies of cities like Austin. Public health and public safety can now keep high-risk patients in ongoing mental health treatment and out of crisis situations, costly facilities, or worse. For Austin, we propose expanding our recent university-backed program that proved an immediate 632% ROI for Houston TX. By treating mental illness / substance use and diverting away from ERs jails and courts, we also proved the ability to save larger city / county over $100 million annually. Most importantly we disrupt the failed approach to criminalize mental illness to instead provide citizens the care they deserve.

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Hi I'm a facilitator here! Sorry for the late reply. This is an amazing application. With amazing potential.

But there is good news...

The Challenge is now in its Propose phase! If you have an app idea you can now submit it, the app that is selected will win $100,000! There is also a networking event coming up at The Capitol Factory from 6:00 to 8:00! Hope to see you there!