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Earlier this year Capital City Innovation convened stakeholders who cared about transportation and patient access. This included non-profits, startups, clinics, and other organizations. From this we had a few findings that can contribute to this challenge. One key takeaway after talking to these various organizations was the need for trusted connections for any solution to work. This is about more than technology. Patient/resident trust is needed to adopt any solution and using existing trusted community networks and relationships would be important in gaining initial adoption. Partnerships with well known and community-centered organizations may accelerate trust and increase adoption and stakeholder buy-in.


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Hey Vickie! I'm a facilitator here with the Challenge!

We would like to invite you to elaborate on this post. Do you have any community-centered organizations in mind that can help achieve this goal? Are there other ways you can think of that can increase trust or adoption of new programs?

Thank you for your contribution!

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It depends on which direction the challenge takes but these are organizations that should be considered:
- Community Care Collaborative
- El Buen Samaritano
- Lone Star Circle of Care
- Meals on Wheels - Central Texas
- United Way
- Public Library
- Cap Metro
- Church groups
- Schools

Easy ways to communicate the program internally and externally would be needed. Having shared and signed off messaging with multiple organizations can help to increase trust and communications about the solution.