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Tripper: A “Trip Person” app that would integrate the bus rider’s travel plans and where/when buses will really be to be really helpful.

Tripper would not only attract a new market – local small businesses – but also be a platform for CapMetro to be in other Smart City efforts

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Tripper’s objective is to make riding the bus quick to learn, capable of mastering and eventually the base to thrive on. It would be better than having a private driver. Tripper would make finding the CapMetro routes for the day’s destinations natural at first use. The prospective rider would communicate with Tripper in text or voice throughout a trip from planning it, using it for real time improvement or alerts with suggested ways to adapt, and after to improve future rides. As Tripper learns the habits of the rider it would be of greater value to the rider. Tripper can be implemented based on currently available software tools, data, and modern software process of continuous delivery of new (However, it would be great if Tripper were a key partner in the trial and deployment of Austin’s 5G network for autonomous vehicles.) The target market for Tripper is the businessperson who needs to travel around Austin to multiple locations each day for meetings, customer contact, and performance of services. Their number is large, impact on highways and parking congestion significant, and are a growing user of mobility assets. Continuous delivery of new “goodies” would make the riders already onboard active promotors of Tripper, encourage others to become Tripper riders, and advance the Tripper brand image to the general public.

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Wish I had one. Asked about how to get one in my 8/7 posting. Would go to my bus trips to research!


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As a dedicated CapMetro rider (no longer drive a car), it comes from researching learning/mastering CapMetro. I take the bus just about every day. With the EASY environment I describe here, I would be able to thrive and become a local business person.

Also, this would lever my years of being a technology management consultant specializing in bringing new technology to the market. It would be based on a collaborative, design thinking approach I've used over the last 20 years

The approach to getting the best ideas in a prioritized list, identification of the greatest points for value, and a citizen’s based sounding board to promote Tripper has been sketched out in an idea I posted on 8/7.

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Hey wonder if you remember me. I'm the facilitator here, I've been away. Was just going over your post. This is a great idea and I like your concept for implementation. Do you think this app could use machine learning an AI? Other then transforming mobility in Austin what other capabilities do you see this app having? Example: think data gathering.

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