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Toll IH 35

Place tolls for large trucks on IH 35, after the turn off for SH 130, both going north and south. Make SH 130 toll-free for large trucks.

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Placing tolls on IH 35, after the turnoff for SH 130, going both north and south, while making SH 130 toll-free for large trucks, will incentivize long-haul truckers to use SH 130, and greatly reduce traffic on IH 35 through downtown Austin. Tolls generated by the booths north and south can go to replace revenue lost by SH 130 by not tolling trucks. Not tolling cars will not penalize local Austin drivers when they use IH 35, which in turn reduces traffic on local roads.

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This is an excellent idea. I have actually been telling all my friends about this for a couple of years now. If you are commuting on 35 at any time, you can see the overload of large trucks. Majority of them are just passing through since it's the only main thruway in the city.