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Time and money riding on Capital Metro

Reducing the amount of time when riding on the Capital Metro Bus.

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The use of the Capital Metro bus systems should be analyzed further as reducing traffic is not only paramount in Central Austin. Suburban neighborhoods on the outer edges of Austin and outside Austin should be considered if the goal of reducing traffic is to be had. I entered a round trip from Wells Branch Pkwy and Loop 1 to Airport Commerce near the Bergstrom Airport to take over 5 hours and at the cost of approximately 2.50 per day (not sure if 2.50 includes the use of Rapid Metro or other bus services besides the traditional metro). Plus this amount of time does not include your time for business. A trip like this would not be feasible for some as the amount of time to ride the bus is not efficient.

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Hey Micheal! Facilitator with City:One here.

This for providing this valuable insight. It sounds like you feel high-speed public transportation is needed in the suburban areas that surround Austin. Can you expand more on what travel is like in those areas, and what changes would make travel simpler, allowing you to have a more productive use of your time?

Thanks you for your contributions!