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The New North/South Deal

Austin's largest mobility issue is North / South - 3 Choke points (Not including IH-35) are major contributing factors to these problems

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The 3 Choke Points of North / South Mobility 1. MOPAC - the problem stems from the bridges, particularly South Bound over Town Lake. The toll lane stole one of the main lanes going over the bridge thus forcing traffic NOT in the Toll lane down to 2 lanes going over the bridge (TWO LANES!!) This is absurd to have the cities largest North/South artery stop down to 2 lanes - this is a major choke point and causes traffic to stack up - EASY FIX - EXPAND THE BRIDGES - Do this by shifting the on ramps for 1st St and 6th St to their own dedicated lane and adding back a 3rd lane that allows the non-toll lane traffic to go over the bridge - South Bound bridge should be a 6 lane bridge 1 for toll, 3 for S. Bound Traffic and 2 lanes for 1st and 6th street merging and exiting for Bee Cave Rd. 2. FIX 360 Immediately - this one is Super Easy - TAKE AWAY THE STREET LIGHTS! Do this by DIGGING - Dig Westlake Dr. remove the light (its already graded appropriately for this), Add overpass at Courtyard Dr remove the light (also already graded for this) - Spicewood and Great Hills are also graded to easily dig them under 360 and remove those lights which are all the major choke points of the loop - Digging will also maintain the scenic beauty of the Highway 3. Fix Lamar at 5th and 6th Street - this one is more complex but digging 5th St and 6th St under Lamar and remove the major Lamar choke point in front of Whole Foods - free up N/S traffic on Lamar and E/W traffic in and out of Downtown

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Hey Luke! Facilitator here with the Challenge. Thank you raising your voice and pinpointing key areas that need to be improved to strengthen mobility in Austin.

You expertise on the subject is helpful. We would like invite you to expand even more and tell us about your personal story with mobility and Austin. Keep in mind the explore phase is about gathering insights from the community for city leaders.

Thank you for your contribution! Hope to keep the conversation going!