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Tax Incentives for Telecommuting Miles

Calculate each worker's commuting miles, and create an incentive program for each telecommuting mile traveled instead.

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Create a program that allows companies to be aware of each employee's commuting miles traveled. Then incentivize businesses to address these issues when possible. Awareness alone may be beneficial. Since the cost of commuting is paid by the employee, businesses currently have little incentive to mitigate miles traveled. Example: A business can logon to a website, and enter their address, then enter the addresses of each of their employees. The site could create a "distance travelled" tally for all employees, as well as offer the employees the ability to match for carpooling or ridesharing. Employees could enter their MPG for their mode and determine the total carbon footprint, which could "gamify" the process, allowing companies to compete for the lowest carbon footprint per employee. The app could use AI with traffic measuring to suggest best "time of arrival".


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