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Static Light Timing - Weighted for Time of Day

Austin's lights are statically timed, and run exactly the same program regardless of what time of day it is. Create time weighted programs.

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Use "Weighted Timing" on lights. Static lights can run different programs at different times of the day, rather than the same program 24/7... For example, cities like Houston prevent dedicated left turn signals that are not flowing in the dominant direction for that time of day... So, in the morning, skip the dedicated left turn for those travelling opposite the dominant flow. Austin has static light timings, however, a more advanced set of programs can run different patterns at different times of the day. Also, I notice many lights that are timed 180 degrees out of synch, such that a green light sends traffic directly into a red light during a dominant flow pattern. This suggestion will not require any new lighting gear, just better light programming.


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