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This Project will help citizens to cooperate in the CNG-Taxi network and lead them to be a small shareholder with even 10 USD or multiple.

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This is a comprehensive project for the participation of ordinary people in urban businesses. At first, the company sells shares (any share is 10 USD worth) for covering this project. These shares are adjusted in proportion to the expenses that the company will make for urban businesses in this project. These calculations are evaluated by an impartial team of experts. These businesses can be a gas-based urban taxi service . These stocks are categorized and rated based on agreement algorithm. And earnings per share and discounts are calculated and paid separately by software. Thus citizens will manage their stocks and shares proportionally. They can, depend on the needs and consumptions of themselves and their families, purchase the shares of each of the businesses in their city purposefully and cleverly. In this project, we create many continuously work that increase social satisfactions and reduce unemployment in the countries and stable peace in society and a psychological impact on the city. In additional, People buy small stocks of CNG-Taxi Network and earn more discounts on the use of natural gas, so always encourage using of clean fuel. In fact, all the money is first deposited into the central account of the company and distributed by the software. The software immediately calculates the share of each of which.

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Jafar Oshriyeh Thanks for participating in our Challenges! I'm Alex, one of the facilitators for the City:One Challenges. I've seen you post this elsewhere and I'm curious if you've got examples of how these algorithms work or visualizations of the system in work?

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My project is a comprehensive project to improve people life in the cities and I sent idea and explained but now you need to have implement ways and algorithms but please do consider your requested information will be available as soon as you choose my project for your city and I am ready to have a contract and make a trip and implement my project in your city as soon as you choose it.

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Dear sir
This project has not implement in any city yet and i offered it to some city and all of them can start this project in their city and i can help them to do that .
It is important for me that this project do in all cities in the world to improve people life in all cities and any city can start it without any limitation.