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Serious Cyclists

Improving trails for competitive cyclists

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Many serious cyclists use the shoulders of busy highways like 360, 2222, 2244 etc. Many have been killed or in serious accidents. Shoulders are unsafe for cyclists and often covered in glass and other debris. They should have dedicated bike paths at the top sides of the right of way next to the property line far from the road. They should have bike bridges or tunnels to avoid car traffic. That wold be safer for everyone, and would encourage more bike use. These highways also need wildlife bridges to help keep animals off the roads. Deer get hit all the time on 360. It's happened to me. Let's protect both drivers and animals with wildlife bridges.

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Hey Gianmarco! I'm a facilitator here with the City:One Challenge Austin. Thank you for contributing to the Explore phase of the challenge.

Can you tell me more about your personal experiences with mobility in Austin? With the Explore phase we hope to create a clear image of what Austin mobility currently looks like and that starts with you!

Thank you, hope to keep the conversation going!