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Root of the problem

Solving the root of the problem will get rid of congestion and improve safety.

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Root of the problem: We teach people how to operate motor vehicles not drive them. It is laughably easy to get license. There needs to be a standardized school that teaches people HOW to drive. The school needs to teach people proper driving techniques: How to brake in an emergency, How to handle hydro planing, What happens and what it feels like to lock up your brakes, What it feels like to accelerate quickly, How to be observant/aware, What it feels like to drive a truck, How to manage panic and many more. Example: Teen Extreme Driving course. **I'm not affiliated with driveway Austin nor have I taken the course. Details of the course should be mandatory for everyone to get your license. We keep adding safety features to cars which is great but exasperates the problem allowing people to be less observant and active in driving. Getting people off the road that have no business being on the road would lower congestion and increase safety. The self driving car revolution is great but will never be accessible to the people that need it the most. Once people who aren't capable of driving are off the road you need a strong public transportation system set up to get people where they need to go. With less people on the roads public transportation will be more efficient, safer and convenient. See my other submission Titled: Future of Public Transportation


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