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Rolling Work from Home Days (WFH)

Many offices have work-from-home days. This program would synchronize WFH days based on office location (WFH zone) to reduce traffic.

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ROLLING WORK OUTS — Instead of focusing on technological fixes, this idea focuses on what we can do by changing our behavior. Many businesses have work from home days. This program coordinates WFH days based on your office location (or WFH zone) to reduce traffic and emission through behavioral rather than technological change. [REASONS WHY IT COULD WORK] (1) Many businesses already allow one or more work-from-home days. (2) Could go viral, “Austin institutes work from home days”. (3) City could institute idea faster at a lower cost than infrastructure fixes. (4) Added benefit of supporting Austin's mission to lower emissions [REASONS WHY IT MIGHT NOT WORK] (1) Changing human behavior is hard (2) Businesses and employees may not comply — Rolling Work Outs can have an immediate impact on our traffic and emissions. Plus, it has the added benefit of bringing ATXers together. Thank you.


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I have thought of this same thing! love the map

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