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Remove Speed Bumps and Speed Cushions

Speed bumps, at $15K a piece, are a draconian approach to speed mitigation; Remove them

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Are speed bumps the ideal way of managing our roadways? Much of Austin's East side lacks major thoroughfares because of historical Jim Crow segregation on the East side. As a result, I sense that the East side has significantly more speed bumps than the West of town (discrimination). Speed bumps are painful for those with musculoskeletal issues, and once installed, seem to become permanent. I'd like for the city to provide a map showing the location of every speed bump and cushion as a matter of transparency, with total cost included. At $15,000 per install, it seems rather wasteful too, since I know that asphalt and labor does not cost that much (Is this a money grab from a greedy COA department with an agenda?). What is the actual cost to install bumps, and how much will it cost to remove them? Also, what's the cost of the diverted traffic? A previous neighborhood thoroughfare has been bumped, and now many of those cars have been diverted to my street that does not have bumps. Create a process to remove bumps, as these should not become permanent in most cases. Also notice that some vehicle axle spacing makes them unaffected by the bumps, and the bumps often entice drivers to drive in the middle of the road to avoid them. What about using police to issue citations on roads that actually have a speeding problem instead?


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M W! Thank you for your contribution! I'm a facilitator here with the City:One Challenge.

The purpose of this phase was to gather different community voices to explore what mobility looks like in Austin today. Your unique perspective is incredibly valued and you bring up very good points. Do you currently face any health issues that impact your mobility?

We would love to hear more about you and your story!

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