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Remove Extraneous Bus Stops

I notice that some bus stops are literally less than 500 feet apart. Two stops on 1 block seems excessive.

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If you are a passenger on the bus, it literally takes 1 hour to go 10 miles... Why? One reason is because there are numerous stops that are literally within 500 feet of one another (see photo) In addition, since Austin started turning 4 lane roads into 3 lane roads, they never moved the bus stops away from the intersections, so now it's a new hazard and bus blocking right turns that's been introduced. Another reason that it takes 1 hour to go 10 miles on a bus is because if the bus makes better time than their schedule, then the bus driver will park and wait. This often blocks traffic as well as prevents the bus riders from achieving better average speeds. This also incentivizes bus drivers to "race to their next break", thus wasting fuel on the bus. In Houston, they put bus stops after the intersection, not in it, and not before it.


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Hey again M W, facilitator here with the City:One Challenge!

In the contribution I have linked above Carol writes about increasing the frequency of buses. In your contribution you propose decreasing the frequency of stops to reduce trip times.

My question to you both is do you feel there is a sweet spot between the two?

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