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relieve traffic congestion

a way to speed up traffic during rush hour time

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During rush hour, allow the extra lane on the right to be used. Since it is on the right, the traffic flow will be slower. Reserve the extra lane on the left for stalled vehicles, law enforcement, etc. In other words, without spending any significant money, you could immediately allow an extra lane on the right which is currently not being used unless someone has a vehicle breakdown which is pretty rare these days. The extra lane to the left of the faster passing lane would still be off limits; reserved for stalled cars, policy etc. Temporary electronic signs and cones could be utilized for the one hour of rush hour every morning and afternoon to re-purpose the far right lane. A slower speed limit could also be posted on the temporary far right lane to assure the safety of exiting and entering traffic flow. Suggested times might be 7:30 to 8:30 am and 4:30 to 5:30 pm.

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On second thought, the lane on left side would be the best temporary lane to use from 7:30 to 8:30 am and 4:30 pm nd 5:30 pm when traffic is at a standstill or crawl. This extra lane would be safer than the extra lane on the right side which is constantly changing because of exiting and entering traffic. Terry Bogner. Contributor of the idea above