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Advocacy for increased # of buses per route (should be at most a 10 min wait), #bus stops, diversifying routes for travel ease

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I moved from NYC and I only use public transportation & am geographically limited in Austin due to how long journey takes, # of buses, and bus stop distance from destination. As Austin grows, we must decrease car congestion,increase safety for cyclists, and invest in minimized waits for buses, provide shade options at every bus stop ( waiting for 20 minutes in the sun mid day is dangerous), and increase routes with more bus stops. Sometimes when I take the bus I still have to walk 20 minutes to my destination and sometimes a bus stop is more than a mile away. If we want the city to serve an increase in population invest in buses as viable transportation solutions similar to NYC subway, DC Metro, etc . Let's not be LA. Their city transportation is a disaster. People wait in 2 hours of car traffic to drive four miles to work because there aren't other options. Plus, it's dangerous to run outside due to pollution. Austin is a city that values wellness. Let's keep it clean, limit car stress, and invest in the environment by keeping cars parked in driveways and buses used as our primary and efficient transportation service.

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Thank you for your contribution Marissa Anne Ayala I'm a facilitator here.

You illustrated just how many barriers exist within the bus system.

This opens up the conversation for just how many opportunities there are to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our public transportation.

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