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Real time cap metro bus location / schedule access

The one big barrier to me using the bus is not knowing if it’s running on time or if it’s late.

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Currently Cap Metro app only shows the schedule for a bus service arrival at a stop — it doesn’t show real time status , I.e. early late or in time. I’ve missed the bus bus when it’s arrived early and become frustrated when it’s late. Nobody wants to stand outside in the heat or rain waiting for a bus not on schedule. It’s happened enough for me so I avoid the bus. Lyft and Uber can show real time access on thousands of vehicles — cap metro should show for buses as well — it would encourage me to use it more.


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Jeff, you would like the idea I just posted. The EASY environment would depend on the kind of real-time updating you're thinking of as an extension. I envision using current data - historical correlations to data such as time of day, driver, and neighborhood type, unique events as reported in direct feeds from the world (see picture), and notifications from the time-synchs the drivers make at major stops. This approach would get my idea off the off the ground and to start to build target market, small-business people, to relying on CapMetro to do their business. Then we can move to more real time reporting using the 5G network a Smart City needs to have.

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