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Poor traffic flow

I live in midtown near Shoal Creek. I often see traffic lights poorly used in high traffic times.

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Traffic lights with modern AI technology can be vastly improved. With computerized sensors on traffic lights and with now AI technology and all lights connected to a computer traffic grid program, traffic momentum of movement can be greatly improved. On a traffic light with no or a few cars going one direction of a intersection and there is major traffic in another direction of the same intersection, sensors should be installed to read and time each light on the traffic signal to stay on green or red. Current old timers are inefficient. This is done by AI sensor technology determining the amount of cars to optimally time lights. All this should be done with AI technology on main centralized traffic computer. We use outdated technology on timing lights. A traffic light often stays green with there are no cars while on red while there is traffic jammed up for example. AI sensing technology can increase vastly the efficiency and momentum on high traffic times on intersection lights. I’ve read that IBM has this AI technology for traffic lights.

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