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"Paces to Pennies" - The App

What if you were rewarded for just being a good driver with no crashes or collisions or damage to your car?

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This would help encourage more people who aren't as active to be more active and people who ride buses can get some assistance (financially) to even barefooters, runners, and joggers to get paid for doing something they are common and fine with doing. The app's title, "Paces to Pennies", implements that people would be earning a penny a step. The average number of daily steps people take (in a day) can be around 5000 to 7000 steps, which means the average person can earn $50-70 just by walking. From there, the steps can be generated into PayPal cash every 6pm (ET) since PayPal rules (for those who have a PayPal) states that any amount past 7pm (ET) will be transferred to their bank account the day after tomorrow instead of tomorrow. For those who do not have a bank account and/or PayPal, then you can allow the money they earned and turn it into egift cards for them to print and use in stores, which saves money from mailing a gift card to the rightful person.


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Thank you Lew! This is an awesome contribution! I'm a facilitator here with the City:One Challenge.

How do you currently feel about mobility in Austin and why do you feel this idea above others would increase the adoption of positive mobility trends?


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You are very welcome for the contribution. I just think it would seem reasonable when it comes to combining technology with pacing as a form of adaption and mobility.