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Nestle Bike lanes into neighborhood streets, not major thoroughfares

Do you want to ride a bike, but don't want to get killed on the road or breath in car exhaust? Let's move the bike lanes into neighborhoods

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It is not sensible to add bike lines to all roads, including major thoroughfares. Adding bike lanes to major thoroughfares is unjust, and places riders in poor air quality and dangerous conditions as cars fly by at twice to three times bike speeds. Instead, let's focus on putting well marked and sensible bike lanes in better air, away from traffic. Put the major thoroughfares back to full lanes, with no bike lane, thus increasing throughput. As an avid rider, I make it a point to never ride alongside cars with polluted air and distracted drivers that can kill you in the blink of an eye. It does not make sense to place bicyclist at risk. Instead, create a dedicated sidewalk that is not an obstacle course like current sidewalks (even the new sidewalks being built seem to duck and dodge around telephone poles or other obstacles in a haphazard way). I'd like to see neighborhood streets used for bike lanes instead of major thoroughfares. Also, be more realistic about how many days of the year are actually suitable for bike riding for your average rider. Above 95F, below 45F, raining, etc all make biking implausible. Consider that dedicated bike lanes on major thoroughfares are unusable for a large portion of the year. It's wishful thinking to think that biking can have a year round impact when the biking as a primary transportation can only be used less than 300 days a year at best, and more likely less. Let's get more realistic about our expectations.


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M W Thank you! Your contributions to the challenge are always very insightful, and provide vivid picture of mobility in Austin today. As an avid bike rider it will be helpful for us to continually reach out to you for insights.

Are there other changes you feel can be made to enable safe and reliable travel for cyclists in Austin?


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