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I feel like my daily habits surrounding transportation are limited. I take my car to work and then I walk around to nearby places. When I worked down town I loved it because there were so many options nearby. Now that I'm on Ben White I have to drive everywhere. There are NO (as in actually none) lunch places we can walk to--well, maybe 2 fast food but it would be a hike. Everything seems to be "across town" here. So even though I live about 4 miles from downtown it takes 20+ minutes to get anywhere. None of my friends carpool or ride public transport and I'm not sure how to change it. I'd love someone to make sharing rides cool. Rideshares seem to have made it cool but it's still just 1 person in 1 car, not really solving the problem...

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Marjorie – – the problem you describe stems from our zoning, because zoning determines what type of development can be located where. At its most basic level, our traffic problems are determined by adjacent zoning.

What we need to do is get back to the way cities were traditionally, where you could walk to get the services you wanted, rather than have to get into your car and drive across town. That means smaller businesses located closer together and mixed in with residential areas with more vertical development— not separated horizontally as they have been for the past 50+ yrs. No matter how many high tech solutions people may come up with, we will never solve our transit problems until we change our zoning regulations.