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Differential workday start times

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For the city, county and state offices downtown, make the work day from 7:00-6:00. Roughly 1/3 of the commuting workers would be spread over a 4 hour rush hour instead of all driving during the 2 hour rush hour. The expanded hours would be a benefit to consumers needing to access public offices The increased cost of utilities would be offset by no longer needing to purchase right-of-way, no construction costs and no consumer costs from closing roads during construction. If this is successful with public employees, perhaps the private sector downtown would follow suit, increasing the benefit to traffic mobility.

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Hey Bill: I'm a facilitator here with the City:One Challenge Austin! Thank you for this great contribution. It sounds like an excellent proposal for the Propose stage that begins on September 10th. During the Explore stage, we are currently in, we are aiming to gain a deeper understanding of what mobility looks like in Austin today.

Can you tell me more about your daily experiences with mobility and when it is most important or difficult your life? Community insights like yours are helpful during this stage because it is what city leaders use to make their changes. This contribution is helpful and I would love to keep this conversation going and hear more from you.