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Monorail? Metromover?

What about a monorail like Miami?

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Miami's traffic experience was similar to Austin's years ago. Lots of congestion, few highway options... no place to build more roads. Miami's solution was to build a 'monorail' -- now called a MetroMover. This seems to require little ground space while allowing movement around the city. Miami has expanded their routes to their outer ring.

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Yes, please! We did our whole honeymoon riding on public transit in Europe, and it was faster than driving by car nearly every time, often twice as fast! If we do it right, it might even attract tourists like these or the Austin Dillo.

Building these would have a much great impact on traffic congestion and pollution than building toll roads. Plus, public transit is 17 -60x safer than driving (metro generally around 20x safer, and buses around 60x)depending on which survey you look at (one suggests 90-170x safer: