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Mobility as a Service

A universal app powered by blockchain and location technology that enables the public to find transportation available to them in real-time.

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Congestion in large and growing cities is a major issue and finding all available transportation is not as easy as it could be and the growing of number alternative forms make this even more complex. The universal app would start as a near real-time ledger for all public and commercially available transportation. This would include help with rented bike/scooter fleets, help coordinate ride sharing, and provide critical data to the public. Later, this same system could facilitate payments making alternate transportation even easier for the public. Purchase and storage of digital tickets will replace outdated processes. Incentives (when needed) could be provided by city to move more to alternate transportation before congestion starts. The system could also help to facilitate maintenance of city fleets and crowd-sourced location data could as a feedback loop to improve efficiency. The MaaS will use blockchain technology at the core to keep all data private, secure and immutable. This app will be most effective if deployed at city/state level. We think a single source solution is a win win for the public which would help make alternate transportation more of a mainstream and the businesses that provide public transportation as they see their business increase.


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