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mass transit on existing rail road tracks/rights of ways..

convert from the railroad running thru the heart of Austin from San Antonio to Dallas to mass transit!! move railroad to east of Austin..

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If I remember correctly , a few yrs ago, the owners of the railroad running from san antoino north to Dallas offered the city and counties in and around Austin the right to use their existing tracks to put a metro rail, mass transit system on their tracks and right of ways.. For the life of me, I can't understand why the elected officials couldn't take advantage of such a great offer and let the timeframe on that offer expire.. by now, we'd have a metro rail system from north to south thru the economic heart of central Texas taking a large traffic load off I 35, reducing pollution and making Austin a truly progressive world class city with an efficient transportation system. The only real spoke in the wheel that is missing in this great city. (no pun intended)..:) By converting the railroad tracks to mass transit routes , you save a tremendous amounts of lead TIME, MONEY , DISRUPTION AND CONSTRUCTION EFFORTS!! A spur from downtown to the airport would be the only addition needed to connect this city to it's core downtown. Of course, additional spurs could be built going west in due time. As a proud citizen of this area, and a business owner who has traveled to a lot of major cities around the world, an efficient mass transit system is the core of any city. In conclusion, I'd do whatever it takes to re establish a relationship with the rail owners and work out an agreement that would be beneficial to both entities .. best regards, Joe sw austin

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I agree! I was floored by how efficient the public transit is abroad. Travel within the cities was rarely faster by car, and between cities, the train was faster every time, not to mention so much safer and greener.